Escape to Paradise

Yoga with a View


Nature Therapy

We offer regular retreats for those weekends when you want to reconnect to yourself and nature. The location changes, but the theme is the same: Eat delicious healthy food, do yoga, relax, laugh, repeat. We offer Private retreats for groups who want the experience all to themselves. Otherwise, weekends usually have groups of 10-20 retreaters.

Seize The Day

We offer a blissful place for our retreat guests to rest, move and recharge. On a typical day on a Prana Warriors retreat, the morning starts with a meditation and vinyasa class, followed by a delicious, healthy breakfast made by our amazing chef. Breakfast is followed by a local guided hike to a picnic with a view. After lunch, we head back to our retreat space and take some time to read, write, dance or indulge in some of the other events scheduled for that particular weekend. Dinner is a fresh and nourishing dish paired with wine and kombucha. Most locations will have a bonfire after dinner with live music. Each weekend is slightly different, depending on the season and location. We work to create a magical experience each time for our guests, no two retreats exactly the same.

Cooking Class


For The Yogi Who Wants more

Cooking Classes

We have a talented chef who teaches cooking classes based on whole foods.


We provide Thai massage for those tight yoga muscles, keeping you moving all weekend.

Wine Tasting

We have collected the most fabulous wines of the chosen retreat region and offer a group wine tasting, complete with nibbles.

Art Therapy

Painting meditation classes. We bring mindfulness to our art. It isn't about being the most talented artist, but instead focuses on the healing capabilities of creativity and letting go of expectations.

Availability dependant on date:

Dancing Lessons

Tango, Salsa & Hip Hop are a few of the classes we offer.

Live Music

Talented local musicians sometimes pay a visit on our retreats to