What We Do

We are a team of health and wellness leaders who specialise in bridal and hens experiences. We create simple, stress free pre wedding, wedding morning and hens parties.

Weddings are often considered to be one of the best days of someone's life, a day all about celebrating love and the beginning of a real commitment to sharing a life together. There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to a wedding and this can be stressful, nerve-racking and overwhelming - a lot of brides say the actual day just flies by. We say, what’s the rush? We want to prepare your body and mind to manage stress and feel beautiful, strong and nourished.  We want to give our brides an opportunity to pause, be truly be present in the moment and not miss a single love filled moment.

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Why We Do It

Kelsey Douglas - Bride Yoga Founder

When I got engaged, I figured wedding planning would be easy. I wanted a small, simple wedding with a focus on really great food and music. Here's the thing. I live in Sydney now, but am from Canada. My family is all back home, most of my friends are here now, and my partners family is in the US. There were wedding guests travelling from 3 continents. This meant many meticulously planned timezone appropriate phone calls with vendors who we didn't get to actually meet in person before selecting them. The amount of spreadsheets, budgeting and coordinating was overwhelming. Even with the help of many wonderful wedding professionals, the logistics were all consuming. 


A few of the thoughts that raced through my mind before my wedding?​

  • Will I get in a fight with my mom in the lead up? (I did)

  • Will I lose my dress when we travel overseas? (Nup, thanks Virgin)

  • Do our housesitters know how many times to cuddle our dogs per day? (I'll never know)

  • Do the caterers remember my aunt's nut allergy? (She's still alive)

The list goes on and on... and on!


Enter Yoga and meditation. I was practicing quite regularly at this point, but the more my list of tasks increased, the less yoga I felt like I had time/wanted to do. The less frequently I practiced, the more the overwhelm crept in. I started prioritising my practice. The thoughts didn’t disappear, but they were fewer and I wasn’t so worried about the answer. You know that really amazing feeling you have after a yoga class I knew I wanted to feel like that on my wedding day. On the morning of my wedding a teacher came to my venue and do a class with me and my bridesmaids. We rolled our mats out on the dewy grass and did a heart opening flow. My bridesmaids aren't experienced yogis, but that wasn't important. This type of class isn't about  being flexible or good at yoga, it's about connecting to yourself and the people you love. I woke up with butterflies and knots in my stomach and finished the class feeling grounded, embodied and calm. I was ready to practice presence and love. 

We had our hair and makeup done right after yoga and I felt glowy and light. My sister fed me breakfast nibbles throughout. I realised that it would have been nice to have yoga and breakfast as a package, that way everyone could relax and get ready. Bride Yoga was born.